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Why drink Bestow Herbal Tea?

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As we know, plants & herbs have all sorts of healing powers. Properties we can benefit from when drinking herbal tea! 

Beautiful organic, loose-leaf herbal teas are the therapeutic alternative to coffee and black tea.  While caffeine stresses and depletes your body, my favourite herbal teas provide hydrating nutrition to support healthy, luminous, youthful skin.

A tea on the run only offers you one-half of the benefits. I invite you to embrace the Bestow ‘Time for Me’ Tea Ritual as a way of building mini-retreats into your busy day. This relaxing ritual helps you to introduce a healthy self-care rhythm which is so important in pursuing a life of wellness and wholeness.

Drink your herbal teas to hydrate your skin & body from the inside out. 

Bestow Herbal Teas are some of my most favourite herbal teas! Why? Their philosophies AND their flavours! 

“It is a beautiful ritual which gives us a joyful pause in our busy day. Nutritionally, it is a great opportunity to hydrate and get some added vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

I think you’ll pleased to know that Bestow Organic Teas are not only delicious and good for your skin, they are also helping to transform a community in Sri Lanka.

When we decided to develop a range of skin-beautifying teas, it was very important to me that they were not only organic but were sourced from a fair trade supplier.

I know that many of the workers in tea plantations in third-world countries are poorly paid and treated like second-class citizens.

For me, socially conscious business it is not about beating the supplier down to get the bottom dollar but paying a fair price for a quality product that is fair to all the people who are involved in producing it.”

Janine Tait,





Why Your Facial Oil Might Not Be Working For You

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  1. It’s not the right one for you
    Facial oils are perfect for anyone who needs an extra boost of hydration or nourishment to their skin, or for those who have a sensitive unbalanced skin that need something a little more neutral to work with. We are coming into winter, and now is a perfect time to add a facial oil into your routine. 
    The right facial oil can do wonders for a dry, flaky or dehydrated skin. Even an oily skin, it can be great! Some oils are better for drier skin, others are better for oily skins. You can ask your beauty therapist which one is right for you. On another note, if your skin is too dry or too oily, it may be due to dehydration – not actually having a true dry or oily skin. 
  2. You’re using too much
    You only need to use it sparingly! When you use too much you will feel like it’s sitting on top of your skin, and your face is slippery and shiny. Many facial oils have a little pump, and even one pump can be too much. Try 2-3 drops! 
  3. Your skin isn’t hydrated enough before applying your oil
    If your skin is not hydrated, your oil can’t soak in! If your skin is dry (as in WATER dry, or dehydrated) the oils are just going to sit on top of you skin and you will have the same shiny slick of a problem. Soak your skin more, then put on your 2-3 drops of oil. 
  4. You’re applying your products in the wrong order
    You can apply your facial oil AFTER your cleanse and/or soak, but BEFORE your moisturiser. Adding a facial oil under your moisturiser will either act as a booster or a buffer, depending on both what oil and what moisturiser. When the seasons change, doing both of these is a great idea. At night or in warmer more humid weather, you could just go with the facial oil, then put suncare lotion on over the top, during the day.
    Soak, apply your plant concentrates and florals mists, apply your 2-3 drops of facial oil, apply your concentrated moisturiser, if during the day then apply your suncare lotion and SPF suncare products, then makeup as normal.. 
  5. You’re applying it wrong
    Just another little tip. Warm your 2-3 drops of facial oil into your hands first, then press onto your soaked skin. You can massage it in slowly, take a few deep breaths and add in a few pressure points for a little pamper. Otherwise just press it all in, and on your soaked and hydrated skin it should absorb beautifully! 


Facial Oils I LOVE: 

  • Lavender Aromatic Facial Oil, by Janesce Skin Solutions
  • Bestow Nourishing Facial Oil, by Bestow Beauty
  • Arohanui Oil, by LoveSkin
  • Jojoba Oil, by The Jojoba Company


IBX Nail Treatment

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The IBX system is designed for weak and damaged nails. This intensive strengthening treatment works so you can build up length and durability, starting from the INSIDE OUT.

This innovative two-part system offers revolutionary benefits:

Under Gel Polish

  • Creates a protective shield for the nail
  • Reduces white spots that tend to occur with the use of Gel Polish

As a Natural Nail Growth Treatment

  • IBX Repair is used to repair severe nail damage to set the stage for growth
  • IBX toughens the upper layers of the nail plate allowing nail growth
  • With multiple treatments fills up deep grooves resulting in a smoother nail plate
  • Natural nail colour and appearance improved

How does it work?

Step 1 – IBX Strengthen: Penetrating toughening agent that fuses together the nail’s top layers to improve nail plate integrity under any Gel Polish Coating.  Also used to keep your natural nails strong so that they grow long!

Step 2 – IBX Repair: Intense treatment used to improve nail plate integrity under any Gel Polish Coating. Also used to target natural nail imperfections and weaknesses that prevent natural nails from growing long.


Bestow Nourishing Facial Oil

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Bestow Nourishing Facial Oil is Janine Tait’s personally selected blend of 12 powerful botanical oils that will nourish, strengthen and protect your skin. Bursting with EFA’s, vitamins and antioxidants, this topical facial oil is a rich booster to add into any skin care regime.


Bestow Nourishing Facial Oil is suitable for most skin types including very sensitive skin. While heavy in consistency, the formulation is non-comedogenic, which means that it won’t block pores or cause pimples. With its nourishing lipids it is particularly beneficial for dry skin and has proved helpful for treating rosacea and dry skin conditions.


janine-tait-circle01“Many years ago, when I was a newly qualified therapist I found a book about the therapeutic benefits of plant oils. Despite the fact that I lost it when I moved flats, that book sparked my life-long fascination with these incredible oils. They are beautifully rich in the phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for healthy, glowing skin.

Each oil has its own unique powers and properties. Each one offers its own particular nourishing gift to the skin. Over the years I compiled a list of oils that I was particularly interested in and used them on my own skin. I loved the results.

When people began asking me if they could put ‘Bestow Beauty Oil’ on their face, it got me thinking. The answer, by the way, is most definitely no. Bestow Beauty Oil is a beautiful oil for nourishing the skin from within but the formulation is too heavy to be used topically for any length of time.

Still, the seed had been sown. Why not formulate a concentrated facial oil blend that could nourish the skin topically? I dusted off my ‘honours roll’ of the therapeutic oils I had tried over the years and created a special blend of my 12 favourite oils.

My two personal favourites out of the collection are jojoba oil, which is the closest oil in nature to our skins natural oil and borage oil which repairs the skin barrier faster than anything else I know.

I have wanted to use borage oil for years, but have avoided it because it has a slightly strange fragrance. In Bestow Nourishing Facial Oil we have achieved the perfect blend and I can’t detect the smell at all.

It gives me great pleasure to share Bestow Nourishing Facial Oil with you. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I have enjoyed making it.” – JANINE


_MG_3670The 12 botanical oils I chose for the Bestow Nourishing Facial Oil contain phospholipids and glycolipids, natural constituents of beautiful skin and good water-binding agents, which enhance optimal barrier function.

Individually, each oil has been chosen for a specific reason.
Together these oils form a powerful blend that support skin barrier function, moisture levels and supply many vital nutrients that are needed topically.

1. Argan Oil is touted as ‘liquid gold’ due to its ability to moisturise lack-luster skin. It is high in EFA’s and vitamin E, two key players in helping the skin stay hydrated and preventing further moisture loss.

2. Jojoba Oil is compositionally the closest oil to our own natural sebum and therefore helps strengthen the skin’s protective function. Fun fact: jojoba oil is technically a wax.

3. Avocado Oil is full of vitamins and anti-oxidants, all of which are essential for beautiful skin.

4. Borage Oil is nature’s richest source of gamma linolenic acid, a secondary essential fatty acid, which helps repair the skin barrier faster than any other essential fatty acid. It decreases water loss, helping the skin stay hydrated and flexible. It is rich in vitamins and minerals as well as two important polyphenols; ferulic acid, which is a very effective anti-oxidant that can repair sun and weather induced skin damage and ellagic acid, which reduces collagen destruction.

5. Calendula Oil speeds healing, reduces inflammation and improves epidermal differentiation.

6. Rosehip Oil contains tretinoin, a vitamin A derivative that delays the effects of skin aging, assists with cell regeneration and promotes the increase of collagen and elastin levels.

7. Tamanu Seed Oil has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties. It is a most unusual oil because of its ability to penetrate deeply into the skin.

8. Vitamin E Oil is an important antioxidant that protects the more delicate oils in the collection from oxidation.

9. Grapeseed Oil also helps prevent oxidation of the blend but in addition it contributes to skin repair and regeneration.

10. French Lavender Essential Oil has strong skin soothing and healing properties and assists in cooling and calming inflamed skin.

11. Sandalwood Essential Oil is beneficial for many skin types from dry, dehydrated skins to oily skins and acne.

12. Rose Geranium Essential Oil is wonderful for balancing the oil production of the skin making it valuable for treating oily or dry skin and everything in between!



THE RITUAL: Take time for you. Partially fill your hand basin with warm water. Immerse your Bestow Soaking Cloth, wring out excess water and press damp cloth to your face while taking five slow, deep breaths. Repeat this step to ensure your skin is fully hydrated. Apply any toners, mists or serums that you desire. Lock in all that precious moisture by using the tips of your fingers to gently massage 1-2 drops of Bestow Nourishing Facial Oil into your still damp skin. You can then apply your usual moisturiser if you wish. Go into your day or evening with grace and gratitude.
This relaxing ritual is best done two to three times a week or every day if your skin needs extra nourishment and protection. Can be used morning or evenings


excerpt from Janine Tait,

What Your Skin Should Look Like When It’s Healthy

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A balanced, hydrated skin

  • Smooth texture, without congestion
  • Even in colour
  • Refined, soft pores
  • Slightly ‘tacky’ or ‘damp’, but cool to touch
  • Heals at a steady rate
  • Renews as a stead rate
  • Has a ‘glow’ look


An unbalanced, dehydrated skin

  • Dull in colour, and/or uneven skin tone
  • Very dry or very oily
  • It feels tight/taut, flaky – especially after a cleanser
  • Large pores
  • It feels bumpy and irritated (such as acne – both deep and fine congestion)
  • It has blockages – big or small. Some that just don’t go away! 
  • It always seems red, or is sensitive to certain conditions or products
  • Products feel tingly or stingy
  • Products cause redness after first being applied
  • Slow to heal
  • Premature ageing


4 Steps to Glowing, Hydrated Skin

Bestow Beauty Oil

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Bestow Beauty Oil is a wonderful food for skin. It’s your edible cosmetic, making your skin soft, smooth and velvety. Bestow Beauty Oil is able to do this because it contains high levels of Essential Fatty Acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6), which are not only vital for good health but also the beauty and vitality of your skin.
Unlike most fats, your body cannot produce Omega-3 and Omega-6, this is why they are called vitamin F. Bestow Beauty Oil is a blend of organic, unrefined, extra virgin oils cold-pressed from flax and golden flax seeds, to provide you with a rich source of these Essential Fatty Acids. Bestow Beauty Oil has all the benefits of fish oil, only it contains even more EFAs … and tastes much better!


EFAs moisturise your skin from the inside. Your normal moisturiser only penetrates so far, whereas the EFAs moisturise the deepest layers of your skin.

In addition, as your skin cells move up though the layers toward your skin’s surface, they carry the moisturising, protective effect of the EFAs with them.

They keep your skin supple and smooth and help maintain the hydration of your skin.

When rich in EFAs, the oil that naturally makes its way onto the surface of the skin forms a healing, anti-inflammatory, protective outer layer for your skin.

EFAs prevent skin congestion and ‘breakouts’ and can even help dissolve existing blockages.

They help make cell walls more permeable, ensuring nutrients can be absorbed and waste removed, so your skin looks more vital.


EFAs can help treat any skin problems ranging from acne to increased sensitivity, from over oiliness to excessive dryness.

EFAs help make hair and nails visibly stronger and healthier, promoting faster growth.

They can lessen the incidence of ingrown hairs due to smoother, more supple follicles.

They help us lose weight by reducing fat production in the body and increasing fat burning and heat production. They help the body shift from burning glucose to burning fat.


EFAs are truly nature’s gift to skin and good health! They are essential to virtually all bodily functions, including:

Energy production: they help with endurance, recovery from exercise and mental stamina.

Brain function: benefits include elevated mood, lifted depression, increased calmness, better handling of stress, less hyperactivity, better focus, better mental processing, faster learning, increased intelligence, better concentration, and improved motor coordination.

Cardiovascular health: Omega-3 fatty acids can decrease many cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors, including arrhythmia, high triglycerides, blood pressure and platelet stickiness.

Insulin function: Omega-3 helps to improve insulin sensitivity in diabetics.

Digestion: EFAs improve gut integrity, decrease gut inflammation and decrease ‘leaky gut’ that can lead to allergies.

Allergies: EFAs reduce symptoms of allergies.

Inflammation: Omega-3 fats can help reduce inflammation.

Immune system: Omega-3 fats help to regulate the immune system and can help with both low immunity and an over response of the immune system (autoimmunity).

Injury recovery: EFAs speed the healing of injuries.

Bone minerals: Omega-3 fats improve bone mineral retention, thereby helping to inhibit the development of osteoporosis.

Vision: EFAs are also required for good vision.

Hormones: EFAs can also improve hormone function.

Reproduction: EFAs are required for healthy sperm formation, the female menstrual cycle, and during pregnancy.

Stress & sleep: EFAs improve the stress response. People report feeling calmer, dealing with stressful situations more calmly, and losing their temper less often. EFAs can also improve sleep in some people.



No, it is not capable of increasing the oil flow of your skin’s oil glands. But what it does do is ensure that the oil your skin’s glands are producing is protective, healing and not as likely to block causing congested skin.


If your skin is prone to being oily, greasy or more inclined to block in the pores, this can be due to a diet high in saturated fats or a lack of essential fatty acids. By taking EFAs and reducing your intake of foods containing saturated fats, you can correct this imbalance and have beautiful smooth skin once again.


Fats fulfil many important functions in our bodies and we cannot survive without them. Fats are blamed for many health problems, but it is now clear that this is a dangerous over-simplification. Some fats are healthy, others are unhealthy.

Bestow Beauty Oil contains Omega-3 essential fatty acids that actually help you to keep slim by increasing your metabolic rate. This helps you burn body fat more rapidly and gives you more energy. Another way in which Omega-3 fatty acids can assist with weight loss is that they can help your kidneys to get rid of excess water retained in body tissues.


Bestow Beauty Oil is a clear, golden oil with a very mild nutty flavour. It gives food a delicious creamy texture and can be used in both savoury and sweet dishes.


Yes you can but only use a small amount as it can oxidise on the skin if it is not absorbed (take care with broken skin). There are many better oils for applying to your skin like Jojoba oil, which is very similar to the oil your skin produces. Bestow Beauty Oil is the best oil for working from the inside!


Capsules do not allow you the opportunity to mix the oil with food. When the oil is emulsified in food it is much easier for your body to absorb.

We always recommend that the oils are taken with food – taking it from the spoon on an empty stomach can result in loose stools as it fails to be absorbed. It can also cause nausea in some people or repeat on you.



The bottle is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This is an extremely safe, high quality, food grade material for use with food (especially oils). HDPE doesn’t allow any chemicals to leach into the oil.

There is no evidence in scientific literature that phthalates are being used in HDPE bottles. The fact that it is black helps ensure that the delicate oil is not exposed to light, which can make it deteriorate faster.


The EFAs in Bestow Beauty Oil are sensitive to light, air (oxygen), and heat. This is why they have been pressed and packaged with care so that you can be confident your oil is of best quality possible.

Once you’ve opened your bottle, store in your refrigerator and use within 6 weeks.


Just one tablespoon a day (or one teaspoon for children) of Bestow Beauty Oil is all you need, eaten raw and mixed with food for easy absorption.

Bestow Oil can be added to yoghurt, smoothies, cereals, or mixed with mashed or stir-fried vegetables, porridge or soup (once it is cool enough to eat). You can also make your own healthy, easy-spread butter by mixing ½ butter and ½ Bestow Oil in a blender (note: not suitable for cooking). Bestow Oil can also be used to replace other oils in salad dressings, mayonnaises or pesto sauces.

For best results, please store Bestow Oil in the fridge and do not use for cooking or add to piping hot food.

excerpt from Janine Tait,

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